At the Begining           by Chris SCHEPARD                                               (trailer)

Duration: 5’ - experimental film - HD format - Color - silent film - visa CNC n° 123 337 - september 2009


Original and french title:  Au Commencement



God and the Devil are bored. So they decide to create a world, just for fun. Being to tiring, they
let the dice decide who will create the world, the looser being the one. And it’s the Devil who loses…

Shooting formats :


Screening formats :

Digital Betacam & Beta SP & DV PAL with Stereo Sound
DVD PAL 16/9 (FHA-Anamorphic 4/3 compatible) & Blue Ray with Stereo Sound

Langue des intertitres du film / language : Français / French
Subtitles : English

Cast & Crew :


André SANFRATELLO                         as         God / Devil
Abdou « SIL » AWESU                         as         The man

Technical crew

Screenplay & Director: Chris SCHEPARD
First Assistant Director: Justinien SCHRICKE – Laure DE BUTLER
Second Assistant Director: Eve BOURGEOIS
Script: Laura BOITEL
Director of photography: Vanessa COLOMBEL
Assistant camera operator: Anthony SHARPE
Gaffer: Jean-Baptiste GERTHOFFERT
Best Boy Gaffer: Guillaume POIRSON
Light Technician: Marc ROBIDOU
Head Set Decorator: Marie CAILLOIS
Assistant Set Decorators: Doriane BoOUDEVILLE – Anne RIO
Set Decorator: Mélanie BOGHANIM, Elizabeth CRAIG, Sara VIGNALI, Abdou « Sill » Awesu 
        Guillaume ARENE
Head Carpenter: Raphaël PONSICH
Head Make-up artist: Simine COMMIEN
Head Stylist: Delphine DUBREUIL
Stylist: Sarah COHEN
Line Producer: Franck ISABEL
Location Manager: Julien GUERY
Editor: Chris SCHEPARD
Digital color grading: Vanessa ISABEL
CG Artist: Thomas Pinneau – Guillaume ARENE

Music composed by: François ROUSSELOT
Orchestra: Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra
Making of: Antoine DESANTI

Filming locations : 

Paris - 20ème arrondissement - FRANCE

Web-TV broadcast : 

Broadcast on Spiritual TV

21 selections in Foreign festivals and in France:

Festival du court métrage "Cinémages"
           Sélection Off – une autre regard #3 - the 1st august 2009 in Toulon in FRANCE

Festi’valloire 2010
            Section Off - the 5th january 2010 in Valloire in FRANCE

Soirée "la courte nuit"
            the 29th january in Fontenay le Fleury in FRANCE

Festival de court métrages de la côte bleue 
           In competition the 20th march 2010 in Carry-le-Rouet in FRANCE		

Silence, on court ! - Forum des Images
            In competition the 14th may 2010 in Paris in FRANCE 

Projection Collectif Prod au café de Paris
            the 2nd july 2010 in Paris in FRANCE

Con I Minuti Contati - Festival International del Cortometraggio
            In competition the 15th july 2010 in Montefalco in ITALY

Festival Cinéastes et Spiritualité		
            Theme : the end of the world
            In competition the 16th october 2010 in Louvain-la-Neuve in BELGIUM

WT Os International Film Festival
            from 8 to 12 november 2010 in Os in NORWAY

Ecran Libre – Rencontre Internat. des jeunes réalisateurs	
            Competition 2 - the 13th november 2010 in Aigues-Morte in FRANCE
Festival C'est en court – soirée Court métrage
            In competition the 3rd december 2010 in Villeurbanne in FRANCE

FiLUMS - International LUMS Film Festival
            In competition the 11th february 2011 in Lahore Punjab in PAKISTAN

Festival Culture d'Image
            the 19th march 2011 in Ville du Bois in FRANCE

Court Bouillons - Péniche cinéma
         Spéciale La Bise Au Chat - the 12th may 2011 in Paris in FRANCE

Balticon Film Festival	
           In competition the 29th may 2010 in Colombia in the USA

9th Edition - CinemadaMare” 2011
            Main Competition - the 19th july 2011 in Roma/San Lorenzo (lazio) in ITALY

Busho 2011
    Out of competition - Section Panorama 1 - the 31st august 2011 in Budapest in HUNGARY

WorldKids International Film Festival
            Out of competition the 20th september 2011 in Mumbai in INDE
5th Festival de nouvelles images Proj(ect) 
            the 19th november 2010 in Nancy in FRANCE

            Out of competition the 3rd december 2011 in Montpellier in FRANCE

Nanterre sur Scène édition 2011
            the 6th december 2011 in Nanterre in
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