Come Watch the Sea (Viens Regarder la Mer) by Christiane LUDOT

Drama - duration 25’ - 2K - 25 fps - 1,85 - Color - april 2016.

With the financial support of the Region Poitou-Charente, the Charente-Maritime Department, the ADAMI and Ulule

Production : Hybridfilms

La Bise Au Chat Productions is associate producer and financial partner.

Original and french title: Come to See the Sea

Synopsis :

One night, one harbor. A man, Vincent, just go out by a woman, Mona. His path crosses that of Lena, a teenager continued by a man. He helps her and brings her to his home...

Direction photo/DoP : Isabelle Brégeaud

Conception sonore/Sound : Benoît Perraud

Montage/Editing : Tatjana Jankovic

Direction artistique/Art direction : Laurent Le Corre

Costumes : Térésa Kurys

Musique originale/Original score : Bruno Abel, Mideul

Production : Hybrid Films

Production associée, co-production executive et participante financière : La Bise Au Chat Prod