Death Tells No Tale      by Chris SCHEPARD                                          (Trailer)   

Photos shooting :








26’05’’ drama mixing live action and animations (directed by the Studio KippiK) - 4K - 24 fps - 1,85 - Color - visa 125 192





Original and french title: La Mort ne Raconte pas d’Histoire



Ian does not want to see the horrible truth that his son, Achille, is dying. To bring him hope, he tells him incredible stories about pirates and witches, mixing imaginary and reality.

Technical informations :

Language : Français / French

Subtitles : English

Date Completed : 21 Février 2013.

Shooting format : RED Epic 4K

Screening formats :

DCP 5.1

Blu-Ray 16/9 (4/3 compatible) with Dolby Surround 5.1 or Stereo Sound

DVD PAL 16/9 (4/3 compatible) with Dolby Surround 5.1 or Stereo Sound

Fichier QuickTime / AVI HD

Cast & Crew :


Leading actors

Søren PRÉVOST                                               as                Ian

Marie DENARNAUD                                           as                Cécile

Antoine GLÉMAIN                                              as                Antoine


Alexandre LAIGNER                                          as               Surgeon

Nicolas MARTIN-BEUCHET                              as               Doctor

Cédric CAMUS                                                   as               Eric

Sandra TOUSSAINT                                          as               Ambulance driver Samu

Laure DE BUTLER                                             as               Cleaner

Music :



Director: Chris SCHEPARD

Screenplay & Dialogues: Chris SCHEPARD

Animation: Studio Kippik (Anaëlle MOREAU – Nicolas FUMINIER – Thomas POULAIN)

Director of photography: Sébastien SAADOUN

Assistant camera operator: Benjamin ROUX – Clémentine PERON – Théo GUESPIN

2nd assistant camera operator: Arthur CLAISSE

Steadicam: Pierre VIALE

Gaffer: Younes NAJFAR

Best Boy: Etienne ZIELMEYER – Josselin DELAS

Grip: Aurélien GABORY

Best Boy Grip: Sacha DUVAL

Sound engineer: Mathias VILLAMAN – Cyril BALTA – Mickaël ROCHE

Boom operator: Jacques-Edouard LARGY

Head set decorator: Linda YI

Assistant set decorator: Pauline BOURSE – Judith VITTET

Head stylist: Denise VIALLO

Dresser: Clémence RAMELET

Head make-up artist: Rebecca TOURNON – Juliette LASSALLE - Simine COMMIEN

SFX make-up artist: Amélie SALOMON

Producer : La Bise au chat productions (Fabien GUYOT & Franck ISABEL)

Line Producer: Laurène LADOGE

Production Assistant: Léa MOREL

Location Manager: Blaise DENARNAUD

Assitant location manager: Mathieu THILL

Editor: Chris SCHEPARD – Nathalie MASSON-CARTIER

Sound Editor: Figure 8 (Mathias VILLAMAN & Cyril BALTA

Mixer: Figure 8 (Mathias VILLAMAN & Cyril BALTA)

First assistant director: Justinien SCHRICKE

2nd assistant director: Laure DE BUTLER

Script: Karine GOZZI

Casting: Laure DE BUTLER

Digital color grading: Alice SYRAKVASH (Nightshift)

2D CG Artist: Clément LAURICELLA (Nightshift)

Music Recording Engineer: Benoit BEL

Music Mixer: Marcu GUEROULT

Subtitles' translator in english: Chris SCHEPARD

Subtitles' translator in russian: Kiril Isakov :               kirix . isakov (a) gmail . com

Storyboard: Arianne LEMEE

Filming locations :

In natural locations to Boulogne Billancourt (92) - Région Île de France -  FRANCE


The programm Court Central of Thursday, June 14, 2012 broadcast of Orange Cinema Series, issued a report on the shooting.

4 Prices and mentions in Foreign festivals and in France:

Prix du Public et la Mention Spéciale du Jury pour le jeu des comédiens at the 10th edition of the Festival les Hérault du Cinéma in Cap d’Agde in FRANCE

Honorable Mention in the Drama 10 to 30 Minutes category the 12th feburary 2014

Festival Picture festival in Calgary in CANADA

Runner up in the International competition at  Stoke Your Fires Film Festival

from 7 to 11 March 2014 at the at Stoke-on-Trent in ENGLAND

14 selections in Foreign festivals and in France:

10th edition of the Festival les Hérault du Cinéma

        In competition in the category "Top des courts" from 28 june to 6 july 2013 in Cap d’Agde in FRANCE

11th edition of the Festival international and itinérant Cinemadamar

        In competition from 25 june to 7 september 2013 in ITALY.

Soirée "la courte nuit"

the 29th june 2013 in Fontenay le Fleury in FRANCE

Athens International Digital Film Festival

        In competition from 1 to 7 september 2013 in Athens in GREECE

Festival National du Film Hyères Les Palmiers

           In competition from 18 to 22 september 2013 in Hyères Les Palmiers in FRANCE

10th Festivalloire

           in competition in january 2014 in Valloire in FRANCE

Picture festival

        In competition the 11th february 2014 in Calgary in CANADA

Stoke Your Fires Film Festival

       In compétition International from 7 to 11 March 2014 at the at Stoke-on-Trent in ENGLAND

The International Shortfilm Festival Landau - La.Meko 2014,

        In competition from 5 to 10 may in Landau in GERMANY.

Festival On line We Speak, Here

        In competition from the 1st june 2014 in Auckland in NEW-ZEALAND

3rd Short Films International Festival Les Saisons Parisiennes

       Program without competition from the 2nd to the 9th july 2014 in St Petersbourg in RUSSIA.

Lowcountry Shorts Festival

           In competition from 20 to 21 September 2014 in Charleston in UNITED-STATES

Open to Court 24ème édition

         Projection the 29h may 2015 in Paris in FRANCE

Newport Beach Film Festival 2015

           In compétition from 23 to 30 april 2015 in Newport Beach, California, in UNITED-STATES

Making Off of the shooting:

Making Off music recording, in Lyon, France :