Fourdrinier Machine Interlude by Aurélien FROMENT  (extract - english version)

Duration: 7’36’’ - 35 mm - 1,85 - Color - june 2010

Commissioned by the Basel Art Center (Suisse)



"Fourdrinier Machine Interlude" is a film consisting of one long tracking shot of a miniature Fourdrinier papermaking machine. The film runs slowly along the length of the elaborate industrial device and shows the transformation of raw wood pulp into rolls of paper. The even movement of the camera is accompanied by the voice of a young and earnest reader who shares a brief history of papermaking and the influence of the Fourdrinier Machine on this narrative. At moments, her voice hesitates and the occasional pronunciation slip (“deh-dev-devihsing-divising”) makes us aware of the oral incongruities of language but perhaps more notably we are reminded that translating the past into seamless and objective history is a difficult and awkward, if not impossible, task. Whether at the root or chain end of the Fourdrinier, going upstream or downstream, the back and forth of gears and evolving paper evoke the social, cultural and technological advances that turn pulp into money, craft into industry and geography into history.

Screening formats :

35 mm with Doby SR

HD file 1080/25P with Stereo Sound

Digital Betacam with Stereo Sound

Blu Ray HD & DVD PAL 16/9 (FHA-Anamorphic 4/3 compatible) with Stereo Sound

Language : English or French

Cast & Crew:


Narated by (english version) : Doris STREIBL

Narated by (french version) : Noé Richer

Technical crew

Conception & Director: Aurélien FROMENT

Director of photography: Vanessa COLOMBEL

Opérateur magnum dolly: Alberico DOS SANTOS

Sound engineer - Mixer: David CHAULIER (La Puce à l’oreille, Montreuil)

Digital color grading : Vanessa ISABEL

Translation : Deke DUSINBERRE

Music score: Justin CARROLL, recorded by Lucy Polden at the Exchequer studio, Dublin

Line producer: Franck ISABEL (La Bise Au Chat Productions, Paris)

Filming locations :

Shot the 15th and 16th of may 2010 at Basel, SUISSE

                                                                        (extract - french version)