Hand to Hand       by Julien RALANTO                                (watch the whole movie)

duration 17’52’’ - Drama - 35mm Scope - Color - visa CNC n° 123 478 - december 2009


English title :  Hand to Hand

Original and French title :  Corps à Corps



Raphaelle works in a gym. One night, on her way home, she is attacked. This event profoundly
changes the way she sees herself and her relationships with others: a young woman, facing mans'
violence, decides she no longer wants to be a woman... but for how long can she hide who she
really is?

Shooting formats :

Red 4k / Cinémascope

Screening formats :

35mm print in cinemascope (anamorphic) with Optical Dolby SR Sound - 1 rol of 600m
DCP 2K (digital Cinema Package) with Stereo Sound
HDcam 1080/24P with Stereo Sound
Digital Betacam & DV PAL with Stereo Sound
DVD PAL 16/9 (FHA-Anamorphic 4/3 compatible) with Stereo Sound

Langue du film / language : Français / French
Subtitles : English

Cast & Crew :


Hélène VIVIES                            as         Raphaëlle
Karl E.LANDLER                         as         Samy
Aurore PARIS                              as         Jessica

Other actors
By order of appearance

Romain LOUVET                         as         Agressor in the street 1
Vincent LAHENS                         as         Agressor in the street 2
Jean-Claude FALET                    as         Georges
David SAHNES                           as          Agressor in the night club

Technical crew

Screenplay & Director: Julien RALANTO
Director of photography: Vanessa COLOMBEL
Camera operator & steadiCam: Thibaut MARSAN
Assistant camera operator: Damien GIRAULT
2nd assistant camera operator: Alexis MOUZAS
Script girl: Tatiana NERAUD
Sound engineer: Benjamin WÜNSCH
Sound assistant: Pierre LEGLIZE
Chief designer: Vincent BONHOURE
First assistant director: Yves-Michel FOUGERE
2d assistant director: Nirina RALANTO
Gaffer: Jean-Baptiste GERTHOFFERT
Best boy: Fumiko NIEDA
Electrician: Julien TECHOUEYRE
Location Manager: Thierry MARAT
Assistant location manager: William GROSS
Make-up: Marine LE GUENNAN
Costume designer: Flora GUINAUDIE
Production Designer: Vincent BONHOURE
Trainee: Marie SAINTJOURS
Trainee: Gaêl LEMAGNEN
Line Producer: Franck ISABEL
Editor: Nathalie JACQUINOT
Sound Editor: Boris CHAPELLE
Mixer : Matthieu LANGLET
Digital Color Timing: Michael PARTOUCHE
Graphic Artist: Paul BRIAULT
Subtitles' translator: Nirina RALANTO
Music: Yoann LE DANTEC

Filming locations : 

In the city of Mont-de-Marsan - Landes’ departement (44) - Région Aquitaine - FRANCE

TV broadcast :

Broadcast on Orange Cinéma Série – 2009 / 2010
	and in the «l'émission Court Central» the 4th of december 2009 

Magazine CINE ZOOM N°01 – 13/04/2010 at 21h30
         with Marc Esposito and his gests Julien Ralanto and the actress : Leila Bekhti
	Broadcast on France Ô - the 13th april of 2010 at 21h30, the 17th of april of 2010 et 18h
	Broadcast on RFO – the 12th of may of 2010 at 21h55

2 Prices:

Prix Beaumarchais aux Rencontres du cinéma Européen à Vannes le 06 avril 2010
Prix meilleure actrice   (Coppa "Memoria d'acqua") to Helen Viviespour Hélène VIVIES au festival FilmVideo2001 de Montecatini en Italie le 9 juillet 2011 

44 selections in Foreign festivals and in France:

FIPA	- Festival International de Programmes audiovisuels de Biarritz
	Out of the competition - Nomineted au Prix Michel Mitrani
          the 24th january 2011 in Biarritz in FRANCE

6th Festi'valloire
         In competition - Sélection Officielle 2010 - Soirée « Fête du Court » 
         the 6th january 2010 in Valloire in FRANCE
Courts Bouillons -  Péniche Cinéma
         the 25th january in Paris in FRANCE

20th Festival de films européens Mamers
         In competition the 28th march in Mamers in FRANCE
9th meeting of cinéma Européen
         from 3 to 5 april 2010 in Vannes in FRANCE

Silence, on Court ! - Forum des Images
         In competition the 11th may 2010 in Paris in FRANCE

Prix UniFrance du court métrage
        	In competition (for the Festival International de Cannes 2010) the 20th may 2010 in Cannes in FRANCE
Festival Nouveau Cinema - Ciné Fac Assas
         	from 12 to 17 june 2010 in Paris in FRANCE

Festival Cinémagin'action
         the 4th august 2010 in Pissos in FRANCE

Festival des films du monde de Montréal
         Out of the competition
         from the 1st to the 5th september 2010 in Montréal in CANADA
11th Cicuito OFF - International Short Film Festival
	The 2nd septembrer 2010 in Venice in ITALY

9th Festival International Cinéma Nouvelle Génération
         from 25 to 30 september 2010 in Lyon in FRANCE

Court à l'Escurial – Escurial Panorama
	the 28th september 2010 in Paris in FRANCE
23th Festival du Film de Saint-Paul-Trois-Chatêaux
          from 15 to 16 october 2010 in Saint-Paul-Trois-Chatêaux in FRANCE
5th Génération Court
         the 6th november 2010 in Aubervilliers and in Paris in FRANCE

22th Festival International du Film Court
         In competition from 8 to 9 november 2010 in Istanbul in TURKEY

12th WT Os International Film Festival	
         from 8 to 10 november 2010 in Os in NORWAY

16th Festival Films Trans, gay, lesbiens Chéries-Chéries
	the 14th november 2010 in Paris in FRANCE

31th Festival du Film Court de Villeurbanne
         from 22 to 26 november 2010 in Villeurbanne in FRANCE

11th Festival du film court Francophone
         Out of competition - the 15th january 2011 in Vaulx-en-Velin in FRANCE

Soirée "la courte nuit"
	the 29 january 2011 in Fontenay le Fleury in FRANCE

Festival Nouveau Cinema - Ciné Fac Assas
	Berry Park the 13th february 2011 in New-York USA

8th Festival International de Court Métrage « Concours de courts »
	In competition - from 16 march to 5 april (soirée de clôture) 2011 in Toulouse in FRANCE	

Festival Culture d'Image
        the 19th march 2011 in Ville du Bois in FRANCE

CinéMA35 en fêtes
	In competition - the 22nd march 2011 in Guichen, the 23rd march in Janzé, 
          the 24th march in Saint-Méen-le-Grand, the 25th march in Châteaugiron and the 26th march in Cancale in FRANCE 

Festival International du Film d'Aubagne
	In competition the 23th march 2011 in Aubagne in FRANCE

Festival du film de Grasse « Les Toutes Premières Fois »	
         In competition - the 4th april 2011 in Grasse in FRANCE

8th Festival off des 24 Courts
	In competition the 16th april 2011 in Le Mans and in Bouloire in FRANCE

11th Courtivore - festival de courts-métrages
	In competition the 4th may 2011 in Mont Saint Aignan (Rouen) in FRANCE

Court Bouillons - Péniche cinéma
         Spéciale La Bise Au Chat - the 12th may 2011 in Paris in FRANCE

39th Festival of Nations: world wide best short films
	In competition - Main program the 16th june 2011 in Ebensee in AUSTRIA 

9th Edition - CinemadaMare” 2011
	Main Competition - the 19th juillet 2011 in Roma/San Lorenzo (lazio) in ITALY

Filmvideo - 62° Mostra Internazionale del Cortometraggio	
	In competition - in the section "Short in love" 
          the 7th july in Montecatini in ITALY

5th Thai Short Film and Video Festival
	In competition - special program, Queer Shorts
         from 21 to 25 august 2011 in Bangkok in THAÏLAND

Busho 2011
    Out of competition - Section Panorama 1 - the 31st august 2011 in Budapest in HUNGARY

18th Adana Golden Boll Film Festival
        Out of competition - Short Tales of the World - 
        from 17 to 21 september 2011 in Adana in TURKEY

Festival National du Film - Hyères Les Palmiers
	In competition - from 21 to 24 september 2011	 in Hyères Les Palmiers in FRANCE

13th Int. Panorama of Independant Film and Video Makers
	In competition - the 3rd october 2011 in Patras in GREECE

1st International Filmfest homochrom 
         in the "lange Kurzfilmnacht" (long short-film night)
         from 21 to 23 October 2011 in Cologne in GERMANY

The 30th Chicago Lesbian & Gay International Film Festival
	Reeling 2011 - from 3 to 12 november 2011 in Chicago in the USA	
Blue November Micro Film Festival
	the 4th november 2011 in Seattle in the USA

	In competition International 2 - the 2nd december 2011 in Montpellier in FRANCE

         April 2012 in Lviv in UKRAINE

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