Is It Working ? by Chris SCHEPARD   (trailer 2D)               Clip 3D Relief : 

Duration : 3’45’’ - Comedy - HD 16/9 & DCP 2K S3D Relief - Color - visa CNC n° 126 411 - October 2010


Original and french title:  ça marche ?



Gérard and Henri bought a new 3D TV because they know it, 3D is the futur. However, 25 years earlier,

while watching the anaglyphic movies of their teenage years, they did not have the exact same speech...

Screening formats:

3D version :

DCP 2K S3D (digital Cinema Package) 5.1 and Stereo Sound

Fichier .AVI Stéréoscopique Player ou QuickTime 3D - with Stereo Sound

2D version :

DVD PAL 16/9 (FHA-Anamorphic 4/3 compatible) with Stereo Sound / Dolby-ProLogic

Digital Betacam, Beta SP, DV, DVCAM - with Stereo Sound

Fichier Quick-Time / AVI HD - with Stereo Sound

Language : French

Subtitles : English

Cast & Crew:


Cédric CAMUS                                                      as         Gérard

Emmanuel DESGRÉE DU LOU                            as         Henri

Technical crew

Screenplay & Director: Chris SCHEPARD

Dialogues: Chris SCHEPARD & Fabien GUYOT

Director of photography: Vanessa COLOMBEL

Assistant camera operator: Damien GIRAULT

2nd assistant camera operator: Alexis MOUZAS

Stereograph: Laurent VERDUCCI

Technical advisor: Edouard DELLA FAILLE

Gaffer: Jean-Baptiste GERTHOFFERT

Best Boy: Aurélien SAVIDAN – Simon LEGEAY

Sound engineer: Robin BOUËT

Boom operator: Louis PELTIER

Head set decorator: Linda YI

Assistant set decorator: Cindy ARKA – Thierry YI


Construction: Laurent LE CORRE

Stylist: Judith VITTET

Make-up artist: Simine COMMIEN

Hairstylist: Céline ROTHFUSS

SFX make-up artist: David SCHERER

Line producers: Fabien GUYOT & Franck ISABEL (La Bise au chat productions) –

        Jean-Michel BOLLIER – Mathieu LEVASLOT (LUX Relief)

Location Manager: Alexandra DELACOUR

Production assistant: Malik IGUERGAOUA

Editor: Chris SCHEPARD

Sound Editor: La Puce à l'oreille – David CHAULIER – Boris CHAPELLE

Mixer: La Puce à l'oreille – David CHAULIER – Boris CHAPELLE

First assistant director: Justinien SCHRICKE

2nd assistant director: Hélène SERRA

Casting: Laure DE BUTLER

Digital color grading: Vanessa ISABEL

2D CG Artist: Paul BRIAULT – Mathieu LEVASLOT

3D CG Artist: Bruno LEGUERN – Martin LEVASLOT - Picto Filmo – Olivier ROUSSET – Frantz BOURAIN –

        Souliman SCHELFOUT

Post-production director: Franck ISABEL - Mathieu LEVASLOT

Music: La Puce à l'oreille – David CHAULIER – Boris CHAPELLE

Subtitles' translator: Chris SCHEPARD

Extract from the film : « les seigneurs d'outres mondes » de Remi Hoffmann, ERE2 productions

Filming locations :

in studio, in Paris 13 art - Région Île de France -  FRANCE

TV brodadcast

In France on Orange 3D - 2012 and 2013

In Spain on Canal Plus 3D -  2011 and 2012

18 selections in Foreign festivals and in France:

Festival Draguicourt

        In competition - Catégorie Haute Définition

        the 22th october 2010 in Draguignan in FRANCE


Festival International du Court métrage of Hofer

        from 29 to 31 october 2010 in Hofer in GERMANY - Projection 3D Relief

FIPA - Festival International des Programmes Audiovisuelles de Biarritz

         the 27 january 2011 in Biarritz in FRANCE

Out of the competition

Soirée "la courte nuit"

The 29th january 2011 in Fontenay le Fleury in FRANCE

The Amateur and Independent Festival KAN 2011

the 4th and the 5th may 2011 in Wrocław in POLAND

Foreign Films Competition

Court Bouillons - Péniche cinéma

         Spéciale La Bise Au Chat - the 12th may in Paris in FRANCE

Corti da Sogni

          In competition the 12th may 2011 in Ravenne in ITALY

39th Festival of Nations : world wide best short films

        Out of the competition

        the 12 june 2011 in Ebensee in AUSTRIA

10th Ciné sans Filet - Festival du court-métrage de Alet les bains 

           In competition the 5th august 2011 in Alet les bains in FRANCE

9th CinemadaMare” 2011

Main Competition - the 10th august 2011 in Cefalù (Sicilia) in ITALY

ANONIMUL International Independent Film Festival

          short fiction Competition the 10th august 2011 in Bucarest in ROMANIA


Festival Internacional De Cine De Monterrey 

In competition the 20th august 2011 in Monterrey in MEXICO

Busho 2011

    Out of the competition Section Panorama 1 - the 31st august 2011 in Budapest in HUNGARY

Con i minuti contati - Festival Intern. del Cortometraggio

         In competition the 1st september 2011 in Montefalco in ITALY

9th Festi'VAL d'OISE du Court

In competition the 8th october 2011 in l’Isle-Adam in FRANCE

Braunschweig International Film Festival

Out of competition - Section : L'avenir du cinéma – film et espace 3D Relief

        from 8 to 13 november 2011 in Braunschweig in GERMANY

15th Festival Jeune Cinéma et Vidéo - Festival Ecran Libre

          In competition the 12th november 2011 in Aigues-Mortes in FRANCE

Le Festival 100% cinéma d’animation et effets spéciaux de Bègles

          In competition the 29th january 2012 in Bègles in FRANCE - Projection 3D Relief

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