Knee-high to a Grasshopper      by Fabrice ROBIN                                    (trailer)

Fantastic short - duration 11’13’’ - 4K - format 1,85 - Stop Motion animated film - Coulor and Black & White - visa CNC n° 122 261 - Feburary 2012






Original and french title:  Comme 3 Pommes

Spanish title:  No levantar un palmo del suelo

Sale agent except Japan: LA BISE AU CHAT PRODUCTIONS

Sale agent in Japan territory: Pacific Voice Inc


When a man and a woman meet, it seems that everything is played in 7 seconds.

Cuando un hombre y una mujer se encuentran, parece que todo está jugada en 7 segundos.

Screening formats:

DCP 2K - son stéréo

HD file 1080/25P with Stéréo Sound

Digital Betacam & DV PAL with Stéréo Sound

Blu Ray HD & DVD PAL 16/9 (FHA-Anamorphic 4/3 compatible) with Stéréo Sound

Film language : French

Subtitles : English

Cast & Crew :


Leading actors /

Geoffrey COUET                                    as       Lui / he

Vanessa LUNA                                       as       Elle / she

Boris RAVAINE                                       as       Le Beau / The handsome

Thomas VERNANT                                 as       Voix du Narrateur / Voice of the Narrator

Other actors, by order of appearance /

Figuration meal : Jean-Philippe COGNET O'KELLY, Leonor TISSOTPONTABRY, Miriam JAMAÏ, Stéphane GUEROUT

Figuration bar : Natacha DHENIN, Alice TOMBETTE, Maëlle HUGUEN, Clara MONDESIR, Elodie DEGARNE, Marion BUANNIC

Technical crew

Screenplay & Director: Fabrice ROBIN

Director of photography: Vanessa COLOMBEL

Assistant camera operator: Diane PLAS

Sound engineer: Mathieu RAY – Jules KROT – Marina KUGLER

Chief dedigner: Natacha POMARAT

Costume: Stéphanie BOISSARD

Make-up: Amandine CORNEVIN

Line Producers / Production managers: Fabien GUYOT & Franck ISABEL (La Bise Au Chat Productions)

Editor: Yannick GIFFARD

Sound Editor – Mixer: Jonathan OBERLANDER

First assistant director: Marion BUANNIC

Graphiste FX: Frédéric LUCOT ; Johann BEL – Yseult BOURGUEIL

Digital color grading: Vanessa COLOMBEL


Subtitles' translator: Simone HONORAT – Tess TRACY

Illustrator: Sébastien MERANDET

Production team: Jean-Philippe COGNET O'KELLY, Béatrice ROBIN, Marguerite MIALET, Jean-Noel N'GUYEN, Josette ROBIN, Thomas BADOUREAUX, Stéphane GUEROUT

Trailer - editing: Thomas PEDENEAU


Camera operator: Vanessa COLOMBEL – Jean-Baptiste GERTHOFFERT

Machinist: Nicolas YACAZZI


Make up: Gwenaëlle BEDOUET

Script: Sarra CHECROUF

Executive producers : Fabien GUYOT et Franck ISABEL (La Bise au chat productions)

Filming locations:

In the city of Paris, in the 3e et 8e arrondissements ; In the Bois de Vincennes ; In the city of Rueil Malmaison (FXʼs studio) - Île de France Region - FRANCE

22 selections in Foreign festivals and in France:

Festival On line We Speak, Here

           In competition from the 1st june 2012 in Auckland in NEW-ZEALAND

Festival du 7ème Art du Lys

          In competition from the 9th une 2012 in Dammaries Les Lys in FRANCE

Apéro projo - Collectif Prod - au Café de Paris

          In projection in february 2012 at the 59th edition. Theme : couple. In Paris, in FRANCE

          In projection in 2012 at the 63th edition, in Paris, in FRANCE

Festival du Film Merveilleux

          In competition from the 29th june 2012 in Paris in FRANCE


        In competition from 22 to 29 july 2012 in PUERTO RICO

Imaginaria Festival

        In competition from the 25th august 2012 in Conversano in ITALY


        In competition from the 28th august 2012 in ITALY

Con i minuti contati - Festival International del Cortometraggio

         In competition from 27 august to 2 september 2012 in Montefalco en ITALY

Festival de Cinéma de la Ville de Québec

        In competition from 13 to 23 september 2012 in Quebec in CANADA

Adana Golden Boll Film Festival

        In competition from 21 to 22 september 2012 in Adana en TURKEY

International Competition FILMVIDEO 2012

         In competition from 25 to 27 october 2012 in Montecatini in ITALY

Festival Ecran Libre

        In competition from 9 to 11 november 2012 in Aigues-Mortes in FRANCE

Festival International du Film d’Istanboul

        Program without competition from 26 to 27 november 2012 in Istanboul in TURKEY

Festival Tomatrope

       In competition from 15 yo 19 february 2013 in Arles in FRANCE

soirée Courts-Bouillons à la Péniche Cinéma.

       Projection the 29th march in Paris in FRANCE

2ème Festival international de court-métrage Les Saisons Parisiennes

       Program without competition from 23 to 28 april 2013 in St Petersbourg in RUSSIA.

Athens International Digital Film Festival

        In competition from 1 to 7 september 2013 in Athène in GREECE

International short film festival SHORT FORM

        In competition from the 26th september 2013 in Gornji Milanovac in SERBIA.

South Africa's Cape Winelands Film Festival

        In competition from the 1st november 2013 in Cape in SOUTH AFRICA.

Ottawa International Short Film Festival (FICMO)

       In competition from the 14th march 2014 in Quebec iu CANADA

Future Film - International Festival of cinéma animation and new technologies

       In compétition from 1 to 6 april 2014 at Bologne in ITALIA.

Cabriolet Film Festival - lebanese & international short films - in the heart of Beirrut

           Projection from the 30th may to 1st june 2014 at Beyrouth in LIBAN





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