Men Hide to Cry     by Fabien GUYOT                             (watch the whole movie)

8’17’’ Comedy - HD 1,85 - Color - visa CNC n° 124 126 - July 2010







French title:  Les Hommes se Cachent pour pleurer



A woman, who has invited some of her friends for lunch, receives an unexpected visit from an

old lover.

Screening formats:

HDcam 1080/25P with Stereo Sound

Digital Betacam & DV PAL with Stereo Sound

Blu Ray HD & DVD PAL 16/9 (FHA-Anamorphic 4/3 compatible) with Stereo Sound

Language: French

Subtitles: English

Cast & Crew:


Juliette PLUMECOCQ-MECH                             as         Florence

David SIGHICELLI                                              as         Alexandre

Jean-Luc COUCHARD                                        as         Hugues

Joëlle FRANCO                                                   as         Margot

Véronika OVCHINNIKOVA                                  as         Anna

Other actors by order of appearance:

Rémi DUBOIS                                                     as         L’indien

Antonin GUYOT                                                  as         Samy

Paulette HOUSSARD                                         as         La jeune grand-mère

Technical crew

Director: Fabien GUYOT

Screenplay: Fabien GUYOT, Juliette PLUMECOCQ-MECH, Marie VIELLECROZE DEVORT & Miassa


Line Producer: Franck ISABEL

Music: Eric SIMON – Gérald LADOUL (MGSPROD - Matières Grises et Sonores)

Director of photography: Vanessa COLOMBEL

Editor: Sophie FOURDRINOY

Stylist: Vivian Girard

Sound engineer: Jean-Barthélémy VELAY

Sound assistant: Marie AVERTY

Sound Editor & sound effects & mixer: Eric SIMON – Gérald LADOUL (MGSPROD - Matières Grises et Sonores)

First assistant director: Yann LE BOUCHER

2d assistant director: Julien BRUMAULD

Script assistant: Délina PIERRE

First assistant camera operator: Damien GIRAULT

First assistant camera operator: Sébastien ALCARAZ

Second assistant camera operator: Alexis MOUZAS

Make-up: Marine Le GUENNAN

Chief electrician: Jean-Baptiste GERTHOFFERT

Chief scene shifter: Bruno DRANSART

Set manager: Samuel DUPONT

Catering: Miassa BAKOURI

Exterior set manager: Camille THOMAS, Remi DUBOIS, Déborah GOLFIER

Assistant of production & property master: Laura LEPERS

Effets spéciaux numériques 2D / CG Artist : Paul BRIAULT

Generic: Monsieur QQ

Digital color grading : Vanessa ISABEL

Subtitles' translator : Gillian O’MEARA

Post-Production: La Bise Au Chat Productions

Sound Editing & sound effects & mixaging Studio : Matières Grises et Sonores (mgsprod)

Filming locations:

In the city of Houilles - Yvelines’s departement (78) - Region Île de France - FRANCE

2 Prices:

Prix du Meilleur film Comique (Miglior Corto Comico) au festival Con i minuti contati -

Festival International del Cortometraggio le 15 juillet 2010 à Montefalco en ITALIE

Prix : Meilleure actrice (Best actress) au Novara Cine Festival le 15 octobre 2011 à Novara en ITALIE

16 selections in Foreign festivals and in France:

13th Festival Etang d'art

        In competition the 22th may 2010 in Marseille in FRANCE

Con i minuti contati - Festival International del Cortometraggio

         In competition the 15th july 2010 in Montefalco in ITALY


Berry Movies

        In competition the 29th Octobrer 2010 in Châtre in FRANCE

Festival Région d'Europe du film de Beauvais

        In competition - Section Festi-courts - the 17th Octobrer 2010 in Beauvais in FRANCE

Festival Culture d'Image

        In competition the 19th march 2011 in Ville du Bois in FRANCE

4th festival CAS D’RAGE !

        In competition the 2nd april 2011 in Gagny in FRANCE

Court Bouillons - Péniche cinéma

         Spéciale La Bise Au Chat - the 12th may 2011 in Paris in FRANCE

10th Festival du court-métrage

        In competition the 5th august 2011 in Alet-les-bains in FRANCE

9th CinemadaMare” 2011

Main Competition - the 15th july 2011 in Latina (Lazio) in ITALIE

Festival Courtscourts

          In competition the 28th july 2011 in Tourtour in FRANCE

3rd nuit du court métrage du pays de Grignan

        the 30th july 2011 in Pègue in FRANCE

35th Open Air Filmfest Weiterstadt

        the 14th august 2011 in Weiterstadt in GERMANY

1st meeting ciné courts

        the 27th august 2011 in Montboucher sur Jabron (26740) in FRANCE

9th Festi’Val d’Oise du court métrage

        Out of the competition - the 10th october 2011 in Isle-Adam in FRANCE

Novara Cine Festival

        In competition - in B section - the 15th october 2011 in Novara in ITALIE

10th Reggio Film Festival

        In competition the 11th november 2011 in Reggio Emilia in ITALIE





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