Modern Communication by Franck ISABEL   (trailer)

6’52’’ Comedy - HD - 1,85 - Color - visa CNC n° 130 144 - January 2012




Original and french title :  Communication Moderne

Spanish title :  Comunicación Moderna

German title :  Moderne Kommunikation


Synopsis :

One night, Rime comes at home with important news to tell to Jérôme. But he really seems

too busy playing with his mobile phone. How will he react when he hears this unexpected news ?

Una noche, Rime entra a la casa con una noticia importante que ella deva anunciar a Jérôme. Solamente este último es demasiado absorbido por su teléfono portable y sus numerosos mensajes. ¿Cuál será su reacción a esta noticia inesperada?

Eines Abends kommt Rime nach Hause und brennt darauf, Jérôme etwas Wichtiges zu erzählen. Aber er ist zu be-schäftigt damit an seinem Han-dy herumzuspielen. Wie wird er reagieren, wenn er die uner-warteten Neuigkeiten erfährt?

Screening formats :

DCP 2K - son stéréo

HD file 1080/25P with Stereo Sound

Digital Betacam & DV PAL with Stereo Sound

Blu Ray HD & DVD PAL 16/9 (FHA-Anamorphic 4/3 compatible) with Stereo Sound

Language : Français / French

Subtitles : English

Cast & Crew :


Leading actors

Shemss AUDAT                     dans le rôle de / as       Rime

Thibaut GONZALEZ               dans le rôle de / as       Jérôme

Equipe technique / Technical crew

Screenplay: Franck ISABEL & Thibaut GONZALEZ

Director: Franck ISABEL

First assistant director: Justinien SCHRICKE

Director of photography: Vanessa COLOMBEL

Assistant camera operator: Souliman SCHELFOUT

Sound engineer: Gerald LADOUL (MGS Prod)

Head make-up artist: Albane COUSINARD

Editing: Franck ISABEL / Chris SCHEPARD

Sound Editor: Boris CHAPELLE (La Puce à l'oreille)

Mixer: Matthieu LANGLET

Sound post-production: La Puce à l'Oreille Studio

Digital color grading: Bertrand DUVAL – Medialad Technology

Music: Hadrien REMY / Clément GARCIN / Louis REMY (Sweet Swing Trio)

Subtitles' translator : Chris SCHEPARD

Trailer - editing: Thomas PEDENEAU

Executive producers : Fabien GUYOT et Franck ISABEL (La Bise au chat productions)

Filming locations :

In Paris 17e - Région Île de France - FRANCE

Prices and Mentions in France :

Mention Spéciale pour la performance de l'actrice Shems AUDAT le 27 janvier 2013 au

«Tremplins du Court» au Fest'Yves Arts à Etel (56).

30 selections in Foreign festivals and in France:

Rencontres Kinoma

        Projection the 15th may 2012 at the Cité des Arts in Paris in FRANCE

10th Irpen Film Festival

        In competition the 2th june 2012 in Irpen in UKRAINE.

Outbox Film Festival

        In competition from 14 to 17 june 2012 in Beyrouth in LIBANON

5th Festival International du Court métrage Wiz-Art

        Out of competition from 26 to 29 july in Lviv en UKRAINE

Hyart Film Festival

       In competition from 9 to 11 august 2012 in Hyart in the USA


Imaginaria Festival

        In competition from the 25th august 2012 in Conversano in ITALY


        In compeititon from the 28 august 2012 in ITALY

23th Festival du Court Métrage d’Humour of Meudon

         Out of the competition in the category «bitter humor»

         from 5 to 6 october 2012 in Meudon in FRANCE

Emmentaler Film Festival

       In competition from 13 to 14 october 2012 in Walkringen in SWITZERLAND

Berry Movies

      In competition from the 2th november 2012 in La Châtre (Indre) in FRANCE

Festival Ecran Libre

        In competition from 9 to 11 november 2012 at Aigues-Mortes in FRANCE

Festival International du Film de Leeds

        In competition from the 1st to 18 november in Leeds in ENGLAND

Festival International du Film d’Istanboul

        Program out of the competition from 21 to 22 november 2012 in Istanboul in TURKEY

10th Short Soup International Short Film Festival

        In competition the 13th january 2013 in Sydney in AUSTRALIA

«Tremplins du Court» au Fest'Yves Arts

        In competition from 25 to 27 january 2013 in Etel (56) in FRANCE.

4th édition du Festival Côté Courts en Val d’Oise

        In competition the 16th february 2013 in Cormeilles in Parisis (95) in FRANCE.

Ascona Film Festival

       In competition from 20 to 24 fevrier 2013 in Ascona in SWITZERLAND

4th édition du Shire International Short Film Festival

        In competition the 20th march 2013 in Auburn in AUSTRALIA

23th Festival Mamers

       In competition from 22 to 24 march 2013 in Mamers in FRANCE


Festival international de court-métrage Les Saisons Parisiennes

       Out of competition from 23 to 28 april 2013 in St Petersbourg in RUSSIA

10th Festival les Hérault du Cinéma

        In competition from 28 june to 6 july 2013 in Cap d’Agde in FRANCE

Soirée "la courte nuit"

the 29 june 2013 in Fontenay le Fleury in FRANCE

Athens International Digital Film Festival

        In competition from 1 to 7 september 2013 in Athène in GREECE

International short film festival SHORT FORM

        In competition from the 26th september 2013 in Gornji Milanovac in SERBIA

24 hours of Nuremberg

        In competition from the 6th december 2013 in Nuremberg in GERMANY

The Roving Eye International Film Festival

(produced by Flickers: Rhode Island International Film Festival (RIIFF))

        In competition from 6 to 7 april 2014 in Rhode Island in the USA.

The International Shortfilm Festival Landau - La.Meko 2014,

        In competition from 5 to 10 may 2014 in Landau in ALLEMAGNE

Cabriolet Film Festival - lebanese & international short films - in the heart of Beirrut

           Projection from the 30th may to 1st june 2014 at Beyrouth in LIBANON

Cabriolet Film Festival - lebanese & international short films - Best films in our 6 years festival

           Projection from 7 to 8 August 2014 in Biblos in LIBANON

Open to Court 24ème édition

         Projection the 29h may 2015 in Paris in FRANCE


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