Produced by Fabien GUYOT


Deux geeks bought a new 3D TV because they know it, 3D is the futur. However, 25 years earlier, while watching the anaglyphic movies of their teenage years, they did not have the exact same speech...

A comedy written and directed by Chris SCHEPARD

Running time: 3’45’’ - DCP 3D - visa n° 126 411 - octobre 2010

With Emmanuel DESGREE DU LOU and Cédric CAMUS

Selected at 18 festivals around the world in 2D or in 3D relief.

Broadcast on Canal + Spain 3D and Orange 3D. Co-produced with Lux Relief agency

A woman, who has invited some of her friends for lunch, receives an unexpected visit from an old lover.

A comedy directed by Fabien GUYOT

Running time: 8’17’’ - HD format - visa n° 124 126 - july 2010


Selected at 16 festivals around the world. 2 awards.

With the collaboration of MGS (Matières Grises et Sonores), SONY France and Ciné Bijoute

Raphaelle works in a gym. One night, on her way home, she is attacked. This event profoundly changes the way she sees herself and her relationships with others...

A drama written and directed by Julien RALANTO

Running time: 17’52’’ -  35mm Scope - visa n° 123 478 - december 2009

With Hélène VIVIES, Karl E. LANDLER and Aurore PARIS

Selected at 44 festivals around the world. 2 awards.

with the financial support of Orange Cinéma Séries, COSIP (CNC), Région Aquitaine and the Landes’ departement, La Puce à L’oreille, Ciné Bijoute, Atomic Productions

Co-produced with French Sisters

Broadcast on Orange Cinéma Séries and France O

To overcome the economic crisis, the old Gilles, a farmer from Troyes dans l'Aube, starts a mass production of "Parisians" destined for the Chinese market.

A comedy written and directed by Vianney MEURVILLE

Running time: 7’ 10’’ -  35mm Scope & DCP - visa n° 122 195 - april 2009

With Pierre PORQUET and Thibaut GONZALEZ

Selected at 105 festivals around the world. 19 awards.

En collaboration avec TSF, Mikros Image et le laboratoire Arane Gulliver

Broadcast on Canal +, Orange Cinéma Séries, Multivision Afrique, BeTV (Belgique), SBS TV (Australie), Egoist TV (Russie) - en location en VOD sur et sur la FreeBox

Titus delivers us his message of love, while his prisoner, kidnapped, tries to escape by imitating the voice frequency of the telephone...

A black comedy written and directed by Fabien GUYOT

Running time: 11’30’’ - HD format - visa n° 111.109 - june 2005


Selected at 23 festivals around the world. 2 awards.

with the financial support of 19 private fincancial participants.

Broadcast on Direct8, ShortTV,  Lyon TV.

Such as jellyfish, this film does not fit into any category.

A art film written and directed by Aurélien FROMENT

Running time: 6’ - 35mm format - April 2010

Commissioned by the Independent Cinema Office, by LUX and with the support of the National Lottery / Art council England

With the participation of the Monterey Bay Aquarium, Monterey, California - USA

Screened at the Tate Mordern of London - UNITED KINGDOM, and during the Cannes Festival 2010...

Made in 2010 on the occasion of Art course in Basel, this film consists of a sequence shot along a paper machine and describes the arrival of the liquid pulp until the winding of the sheet on itself.

A art film written and directed by Aurélien FROMENT

Running time: 7’36’’ - 35mm -  june 2010

Once upon a time, an inventor fell in love with a lovely princess. So when she disappeared, he staged a rainbow based treasure hunt to bring her back...

A romance directed by Chris SCHEPARD

Running time: 5’ 08’’ - HD format - visa n° 124 762 - March 2011

With Marie-Astrid JAMOIS and Cédric CAMUS

written by Chris Schepard & Florian Quittard

Selected at 17 festivals around the world. 1 award.

One night, Rime comes at home with important news to tell to Jérôme. But he really seems too busy playing with his mobile phone. How will he react when he hears this unexpected news ?

A comedy directed by Franck ISABEL

Running time: 6’52’’ - HD format - visa CNC n° 130 144 - Feburary 2012

With Shemss AUDAT and Thibaut GONZALEZ

written by Thibaut GONZALEZ and Franck ISABEL

When a man and a woman meet, it seems that everything is played in 7 seconds.

A fantastic film written and directed by Fabrice ROBIN

Running time: 11’13’’ - animation (stop motion) - 4K format - visa CNC n° 122 281- Feburary 2012

With Geoffrey COUET et Vanessa LUNA

Produced by Fabien GUYOT & Stéphane LAVIGNE

Commissioned by Basel Art Center (Suisse)


God and the Devil are bored. So they decide to create a world, just for fun. Being to tiring, they let the dice decide who will create the world, the looser being the one. And it’s the Devil who loses…

An experimental film written and directed by Chris SCHEPARD

Running time: 5’ - HD format - visa n° 123 337 - september 2009


Selected at 20 festivals around the world. Sold to Spiritual TV


Ian does not want to see the horrible truth that his son, Achille, is dying. To bring him hope, he tells him incredible stories about pirates and witches, mixing imaginary and reality.

Drama written and directed by Chris SCHEPARD

Running time: 26’05’’ - live action & animation - red 4K format - march 2013 - visa n° 125.192


   Antoine GLEMAIN, Cédric CAMUS

Selected at 30 festivals around the world. A special mention award.

Selected at 22 festivals around the world.
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A young girl must spend the day with her grandfather who is not convenient.

Drama written and directed by Fabien GUYOT

made in 48 hours

Running time: 9’07’’ - DV format - visa n° 138 665 - déc 2013


Selected at 5 festivals around the world.

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Comedy written and directed by Aurélien LAPLACE.

Eric sells travel around the world. His dream is just over the street...

see detailsThe.First.Step.html

Running time: 19’56’’ - format red 4K - feburary 2014 -

visa n°125.194

Selected at 14 festivals around the world. 4 awards.

Cast : Ambroise CARMINATTI, Elise BERNARD,  Hervé MASQUELIER and Jérémy MALAVEAU

Produced by Fabien GUYOT & Franck ISABEL


Written by  : Fabien GUYOT, Juliette PLUMECOCQ-MECH, Marie VIELLECROZE DEVORT & Miassa BAKOURI


Selected at 74 festivals around the world. 11 awards.


Drama written and directed by Emmanuel VAILLANT LABORIE

coproduced by Les Films de la Terrasse

with Stéphane HENON & Manuela GOURARY

20’ - format 2K - in post-production

with the participation of the Conseil Régional Midi Pyrénées

see detailsCome.Watch.the.Sea.html

Drama written by Christiane LUDOT

With Solène Capaldi, Thierry Levaret, Sandra Valentin et Gray Orsatelli

Producer at the begining, LA BISE AU CHAT becam associate producer


For one night three destinies cross paths: Mona and Vincent, a couple on the brink of separation, and Léna, an adolescent who has run away from home...

25’ - format 2K - avril 2016
with the financial support of Région Poitou-Charente, Charente Maritime’s departement, ADAMI and UluleViens.Regarder.La.Mer.html

A comedy with Benoît GOURLET, Hervé MASQUELIER et Estelle GALARME

11’ - format 2K - in post-production

avec la participation de Fée Clochette Productions, Nomades Productions, Studio Malakoff et EGO productions

Produced by Fabien GUYOT and Marie BOUDJENAK

Selected at 2 festivals around the world.