Titus          by Fabien GUYOT                                      (watch the whole movie)

Duration : 11’30’’ - Black Comedy - HD 1,85 - Color - visa CNC n° 111 109 - June 2005





Original french and english title:  Titus



Titus delivers us his message of love, while his prisoner, kidnapped, tries to escape by imitating the

voice frequency of the telephone...

Titus nos expide su mensaje de amor, mientras que su prisionera, secuestrada, intenta escaparse

imitando las frecuencias vocales del teléfono...

Titus nos oferece sua mensagem de amor, enquanto o sua cativa, sequestrada, tenta se escapar

imitando as frequências vocais do telefone…

Sreening formats:

Digital Betacam & DV PAL with Stereo Sound

DVD PAL 16/9 (FHA-Anamorphic 4/3 compatible) with Stereo Sound

Language : French

Subtitles : English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, Japonese et French Teletexte (Sourd & muet)

Cast & Crew:


Juliette PLUMECOCQ-MECH                         as        Titus

Célia KIRCHE                                                 as         The Prisonner

Other actors, by order of appearance

Abdou CISSE                                                   as         Fighter 1 - on TV - action film

François PARROT                                           as         Fighter 2 - on TV - action film

Fabrice BOBOEUF                                           as         Man - on TV - Romance film

Aurélie DUBOIS DE PRISQUE                         as        Woman - on TV - Romance film

Marie FOUGEROL         )

Olivier MARECHAUX     )

Miassa BAKOURI           )                                 as        the friends group on the street (right to left)

Chris ESQUERRE          )

Laurent CLERC              )

Laurent CLERC                                                 as        Man with bicycle

Marie FOUGEROL                                            as        pretty woman

Joseph HERNANDEZ                                        as        The walker (with the dog) & voice at the phonebook

UXIANE the dog (race Carlin)                            as        Antoine the dog (trainer : Chantal DUC)

Patrick MIMOUN                                                as        The thief fluo blue & voice of the emergency fire services

Antoine LELANDAIS                                          as        The thief fluo green & the fireman

Nicole LAFOURCADE                                        as        The widow

Technical crew

Screenplay & Director: Fabien GUYOT

Music composed by: Sébastien BERTEAU

Director of photography: Vanessa COLOMBEL

Assistant camera operator: Jean-Baptiste GERTHOFFERT

Camera operator & steadiCam: Gilles FERON

Assistant Steadicam & Steadicam: Cédric MARTIN

Editor: Franck LEPLAT

Sound Editor & sound effects: Antonin GOUZER

First assistant director: Stephen GREGORY

Script girl: Chloé DESIRE

Sound engineer: Sébastien BERTEAU

Sound assistant: Antonin GOUZER

Mixer: Matthieu LANGLET

Digital color grading: Matthieu LECLERC

Set designer & property master: Fanny OUVRARD

Construction manager: Thomas MORLET

Assistants set designer: Nicolas YACAZZI & Jean-Christophe DELAVAUD

Digital special effects 2D: Franck ISABEL

Digital special effects 3D: Ludovic IOLHEM

Make-up artist & hairdresser: Avril CARPENTIER

Costume designer : Manuela RIBEIRO

Gaffer: Nicolas MARTIN BEUCHET

Gaffer best boy: Olivier CAVELLAT

Chief scene shifter : Xavier SENTENAC

Scene shifter: Matthieu DUBOIS, Olivier FAVIERE

Studio and exterior set manager: Amélie GUYOT

Fist assistant studio manager: Thomas BADOUREAUX

Assistant studio and exterior set manager: Antony CAJAN, Nicolas FAUVEL, Jean-Christophe DELAVAUD

Cantine: Miassa BAKOURI & Catherine BROSSAIS

Mobile control room: Jonathan SIMMONDS

First assistant casting: Yann LE BOUCHER

Casting assistants: Candice GLIMOIS, Valérie MAES, Yan’n TERRIEN

Camera operator casting : Laurent GOGNIAT

Designer of the Titus's tee-shirt : Julien SARRAUTE

Technical advisor HD : Fabien PISANO (Sony)

Technical advisor digital film : Gilles GAILLARD (Mikros image)

Subtitles' translator : Michelle NOTEBOOM (anglais/english) michelle.noteboom@gmail.com, Paz PIZARRO (espagnol/spanish), Maïlys LANGER (allemand/german) mailyslanger@hotmail.com, Carlos Emanuel SAUTCHUK (portugais/portuguese), Maximiliano MARANGOLO (italien/italian), Julien SIMEON (japonais/japonese) juliensimeon_71@hotmail.com & www.intertrad.hebergratuit.com

Producers : Stéphane LAVIGNE & Fabien GUYOT

Production Manager: Fabien GUYOT

Assistants of production: Miassa BAKOURI

Technical supervision : Franck ISABEL

Filming locations :

At the Studio Pathé/Albatros in the city of Montreuil-Sous-Bois (93) & for the naturals sets at Paris 14e et 6e art - Région Île de France - FRANCE

TV broadcast :

In France on the TV show Court mais bon on DIRECT 8 in march 2007, on LYON TV in may 2007 and on SHORT TV in 2009

Theaters diffusions by Agence du Court Métrage

2 Prices :

Grand Prix & Prix du Public en 2006 au Festival à la Pêche aux Courts à Vénissieux – FRANCE

10 festivals selections in France :

3rd Festi'VAL d'OISE du Court in 2005 in L’Isle Adam

22nd Festival du Film Court of Lille in 2006 in Lille

3 Jours Cinéma at the Babylonia in 2006 in Paris

L'Arêne à Court in 2006 in Nîme

Festival International Ciné-Vidéo-Psy of Lorquin in 2006 in Lorquin

Festival "Ciné Sans Filet" humour et décalé in 2006 in Alet Les Bains

13th Festival Etang d'art the 22nd may 2010 in Marseille

Festival Culture d'Image the 19th march 2011 in Ville du Bois

Soirée "la courte nuit" the 29th january 2011 in Fontenay le Fleury

Court Bouillons - Péniche cinéma the 12th may 2011 in Paris

Spéciale La Bise Au Chat

13 selections in Foreign festivals:

2nd Festival International of CM de la Grande Région in 2005 in LUXEMBOURG in Luxembourg

Imaginaria Film Festival in 2006 in ITALY in Conversano

BEC 06 - Borges en Curt in 2006 in SPAIN in Les Borges Blanques

Festival en cinéma international en Abitibi-Témiscamingue in 2006 in CANADA

Silence Saturn in 2006 in BELGIUM in Rixensart

Paste Rock 'n' Reel Festival Online in 2006 in the USA in Decatur

Where is the love ? International Short Film Festival in 2006 in ROUMANIA in Bucarest

CineOca in 2006 in BRESIL in Porto Velho, Rondonia

Picture this... film festival in 2007 in CANADA in Calgary

AFIA - Aarhus Festival of Independent Arts in 2007 in DANEMARK in Aarhus

58th mostra internazionale des cortometraggio in 2007 in ITALY in Montecani

9th CinemadaMare” the 6th august 2011 in ITALY in Cefalù (Sicilia)

Ascona Film Festival

       In competition from 20 to 24 february 2013 in Ascona in SWITZERLAND







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