1. -Why « La Bise au chat » (in english, the Kiss to the Cat) ?

Well, it goes back to my early youth in the Medoc (Aquitaine), where my oncle Alain Lafourcade was joking all the time and, every night at the end of the party, to say « good bye », he said « give a kiss to so-and-so… » and he finished each time by « and the kiss to the cat ! ».

When Internet has arrived, my e-mail adresse was labiseauchat@... The time has come for find a name for this compagnie in 2004… and La bise au chat came naturally !

« La bise au chat » means « good bye ».

  1. -What did this compagny since 2004 ?

La bise au chat produced until 2010 corporate commercials (TV+web) (cf our 2009’s show reel) and music vidéos which the first french 3D relief music video.

Since 2009, it explores the world of short films with 14 films produced of which a 3D film, 2 art films and a film with a mix of live action and animation.

In feburary 2015, our 12 first short fiction movies has been selected 371 times in 237 different festivals split up in 45 countries and won about forty prices.

In 2011, we choose to split the society into two independant companies: Trajectoire Films, managed by Franck ISABEL, which kept the commercials, with David BATUZANSKI, and La Bise Au Chat Productions which kept the fictions.

  1. -And today ?

La Bise Au Chat starts in the vast world of the feature film, with several projects already.

  1. -What do you see out the window when you raise your head ?

Montmartre !

Photo taken Tuesday, January 21, 2014 at 2:28 pm                                                               

  1. -Where is the cat ?

Here !

                                                              Fabien GUYOT


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